Thank you for your emails on this topic. I appreciate the feedback.

For those who missed it, here is my monologue on this from today's Common Sense Crusade: https://youtu.be/Lh-c52KgTzY

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Nov 7, 2022Liked by Fr Calvin Robinson

I've also found it very disturbing, to see in recent years, the teachings & practices of the church often simply "mirroring" & following what is happening in the secular society of today's world - instead of simply adhering to Biblical principles & doctrine & setting a higher standard in the world.

Even though many world governments have now changed their laws to allow legally-recognised same-sex marriages, I see no need whatsoever for the church to follow suit & endorse such marriages, or change its teachings regarding same-sex marriages or relationships. Outside of the church there have been, for many years now, other options for same-sex couples to pursue - such as civil partnerships/unions - if they desire a legally-recognised form of union. But I see no need for the church to endorse such unions as "marriages", when they are clearly contrary to Biblical teachings.

The church should be holding itself to a much higher standard, founded on the Bible, not merely following the whims of society because something "seems like a good idea" at the time. Following societal trends is not likely to gain the church any additional followers. If that were the case, it would have been steadily growing in numbers over the last few years - but that has not happened. So it may as well stick with Biblical doctrine - even though a handful of LGBTIQ+ & woke people may disagree with it. And let's face it - even though they may have been given a very loud voice by social media etc - they are definitely only a very small portion of our population.

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