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This is excellent, thank you, Calvin.

I am so saddened by what I see around me today and how people who stand up for THE truth are portrayed, laughed at and ridiculed.

Be strong, there are many who do feel the same as you.

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“Truth is truth even if no one believes it.

A lie is a lie even if everyone believes it.”


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Fr C: Well done for getting 41 supporters! This is an achievement in that bear pit. For me as a priest, gay marriage is simply a contradiction in terms. I agree with your arguments - but one shouldn't need that degree of theological exegesis to establish the absurdity of gay marriage. The existence of civil partnership - a necessary and desirable establishment - satisfied temporal needs. But as we see of the so-called 'trans' issue, the demand now is to be and to have anything and everything one wants - (alleged) change of sex; babies for gay couples carried by others/artificially fertilised; or Xtian same-sex marriage. The Church of England bends to anything and everything.

Most appalling of all - and related to this debate - is that the Church has not a word of criticism about the *record* number of abortions: c 250,000 a year in UK. This is disgusting. Instead of defending the preciousness of new life the Church prefers to defend 'women's rights' - made all the worse by those women-bishops in it who demanded the right to ordination... but not the right to life.

It is truly appalling.

Blessings to you.

Fr Marcus

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Bravo. Amen. That is the best speech on Same sex marriage that I have ever heard. God bless you, Calvin.

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I tried to go back to my church - the Anglican Church after 25+ years of non attendance. The sermons talked about celebrating Pride and BLM - there was almost no mention of God or Christ. So in trying to find God in a Christian church I started going to the Catholic Church - I am in the process of doing RCIA to convert. God and Christ are still there and the homilies talk about sin and evil which are still very much present in this world - more now I think than ever.

I am so sad to leave the Anglican Church but thank God there are still people fighting for it. Thank you for what you did here Father!

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Be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus brother, praying for you in these battles

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Once again, Christian Holy teachings are debated, by so many, dissatisfied again.

Yet guidance on matrimony, and purpose is plain. The sanctity of marriage, for comfort and benefiting, children is their gain.

Why, for a few virtue signalling Bishops, should the Holy teachings be rewritten again.

Would the University, dare to debate, Islam, and tempt fate.

They know, they can percecute Christians , insult our beliefs and teachings.

How many students, at this debate were practising Christians.

Chipping away, at core beliefs.

Not befitting, of the pious church leaders, with non Christians, to debate our beliefs.

They will reap what they sow. Seeds, and congregations, for these woke bishop's, will not grow.

Christian is our society. The laws and practices, despite political impropriety.

The very reason, so many, seek this society, and its charity.

If these Bishops, believe their actions are sanctioned by God.

Then debate this matter with Islamic clerics, if guided by God.

They won't debate, with Islamic clerics.

They know, they would provoke outrage, and hysterics.

Lay off Christ's teachings, and the Bible.

Or risk wrath, and a reaction that's tribal.

If these Bishops, custom they seek.

Remember the best congregation is one, that at least, turns up once a week.

Not a gay couple. That for a church wedding, wouldst pay double.

Then only return for death, and trouble.

Christians have seven virtues.

We hath no need of indoctrination, and woke virtues.

For two millennium, we practice these virtues.

Christians don't just, signal virtues.

Some may of heard.

Action, is louder than the word.

Strays that bleat, are not always heard.


God save us.

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It's really quite simple!

At creation, God took the woman out of the man. Marriage re-unites them. They again become one flesh.

No room there for two men or two women.

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It is significant that in these days, as in the days of Noah, we see the resurgence of blind hatred of God's divine order - reflecting His image - male and female.

Whereas God's first command was 'Be fruitful and multiply', Satan's aim has always been to destroy and depopulate the earth, be it through the contamination of earthly seed with the demonic, producing the Nephilim, or through homosexuality, and now even a confusion about gender at the root; all satan's (lower-case intentional) tactics stem from this basic aim.

The more this agenda progresses, and the darker the world becomes, the brighter the light of the Truth will shine. This is not our world.

... 'be blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and perverse generation, in which you shine as lights in the world as you hold forth the word of life,...' Phil. 2:16.

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Dear Father Robinson;

I am a sixty year-old American Episcopalian and was raised, baptized, confirmed (albeit at the age of 32, since the Church turned away from adolescent confirmation during the 1970s in favor of admitting to communion those who evidenced sufficient ‘discernment’) and married in the Church. I well remember other ‘reforms’ such as the ‘updating’ of the Book of Common Prayer, the ordination of women deacons (which, it was assured, would absolutely not lead to the ordination of women as priests, much less bishops!), the consecration of a homosexual bishop engaged in sexual relationship with another man, etc., etc. As my professional life developed and I moved around the country, it became a tremendous challenge to find a parish where they ‘had church’, as opposed delivering a political, secular harangue in the midst - often - of pagan religious symbols of so-called indigenous peoples. In New York City, I found St. Thomas Church Fifth Avenue, where the Christian faith was taught, preached and celebrated. But - obviously - it became impossible to reconcile being entrenched in a dissident, though sufficiently powerful to survive, parish while the larger church became more and more a secular echo-chamber.

Then came Pope Benedict’s gift of the Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter. I am all but convinced that my way is there. I greatly admire you for your decision (at least for now) to remain in the C of E to minister to those of us who are struggling with the Church’s direction, and pray that God may give you strength to carry on. Nevertheless, I wonder if you look to the Ordinariate as a possible way eventually. I would be most grateful for any thoughts you might have for Anglicans who are considering that possibility.

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You are a very strong man, with solid convictions and faith, they are afraid of you. Your anxiety before the meeting was because they reconize you as too strong and want you yo be defeated , they sent negative thought about you to the univers, it was your intuition warning you about their wickedness. Hate is a feeling we can materialise in our world, we can almost touch it.

Reading your words, i see you were brilliant as usual and in the right line of christianity. 🙌🙏❤️😘

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Your speech was excellent, Fr. Calvin. Genuinely inspiring. Sometimes, it takes an authentic faith to produce words to comfort those out here in the weeds fighting a seemingly endless battle.

I would be interested to know how many of the illustrious Bishops to be PAID MINIONS of The Bank of International Settlements with The Central Bank of England or its OWNER FAMILY...As THEY ARE THE GROUP SPREADING THIS MALARKY TO UNDERMINE OUR WESTERN CULTURE for their New World Order based in Economic Slavery. Really...In your shoes, it would have been an interesting, if unpredicted, question to ask if only to watch the response.

Sort of like Christ with the Money Changers, huh? Think it's time to take off our gloves and take the game from Boxing to Mixed Martial Arts...Intellectually, and Spiritually.

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Beautifully and truthfully said.

A testament to the power of the Holy Spirit to provide the true, honest, intelligent, necessary, kind, and Christ-centred words as required in the right place and the right time.

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Excellent. Calvin Robinson, you are a true leader bold and courageous. Speaking the Truth in love may not make you popular on earth but will add to your heavenly treasure.

Thank you

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Well said (as usual) FR Robinson...

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Thank you Father Calvin a beautiful speech. I'm 50 I see a world changing so rapidly & unrecognisable and not for the better.

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